Visit Taylors Falls, MN for the Ultimate Fall Day Trip

Taylors Falls, MN is an adorable, unique town with plenty to do. It’s just one hour from Minneapolis and you can spend a few hours exploring, or stay for a whole day. There is a lot to see and experience in Taylors Falls! Here’s how we spent our time for a fall day trip.

Fall day trip taylors falls mn
My friend Emily overlooking the St. Croix River
Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Ole and I on the Interstate State Park

Hike the Interstate State Park

The Interstate State Park is huge and has a lot of different trails to choose from. You can park in a paid parking lot, or park somewhere in town and walk over. We started along the River Trail. Even though we went early, it was a bit crowded. It is narrow at times and we needed to squeeze past a few large groups with children a couple of times in the beginning.

Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Ole and I looking out at the St. Croix River
Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Gorgeous view from the Interstate State Park

Check Out the Glacial Potholes

We started off along the River Trail. Along the way you’ll see a handful of lookout points, which have great views of the St. Croix River. From the River Trail, we continued on to the Sandstone Bluffs Trail. There are many stairs and steep inclines, so be prepared for a workout!

Once we returned back to the main entrance, we took a short walk over to the Glacial Potholes. These massive holes in the ground were created by a glacial lake. It’s pretty wild to think about! The whole hike took us a little under two hours and was definitely worth it!

Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Glacial potholes
Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Sandstone Bluffs Trail

Grab Lunch or a Root Beer Float in Town

After a long hike, we stopped in town and grabbed ice coffees. There are a bunch of great places to check out, like Juneberry Cafe for sandwiches and snacks, or the famous Drive In Restaurant for root beer floats. 

Fall day trip taylors falls mn
The Drive In Restaurant
Fall day trip taylors falls mn
Downtown Taylors Falls

Taylors Falls is a great place for a fall day trip. You can stop by for a few hours like we did, or stay all day. There is plenty to see and hike, and you can even take a boat ride on the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours if you’re looking for something a little more low-key.

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