Ultimate Minneapolis Brewery Bike Tour


See the Cities in a Unique Way

The Twin Cities are known for having a ton of incredible breweries. What better way to explore than a self-guided brewery bike tour in Minneapolis?

With roughly 150 breweries in Minnesota, it’s hard to narrow down the list and figure out where to begin. If you want to taste the beers first and see which ones you like, head to a Total Wine store. There are six locations around the Twin Cities, and they have an entire aisle of local Minnesota beers sold as individual cans. My husband and I like to grab a variety and create flights at home, that way we can taste new beers from a bunch of breweries without committing to an entire six-pack or case.

Don’t Have Your Own Bike?

If you have your own bike, great! You’re all set. If you don’t own a bike, rent a Nice Ride Minnesota bike for just $6 per day. With 3,000 bikes and 400 stations, it will be easy to find a bike and start your brewery tour. Nice Ride Minnesota is a nonprofit that brought the bike share program to Minneapolis in 2010. It’s a very popular and affordable way to get around. They also have scooters for rent. Their website includes popular routes to check out where you can easily bike to parks, museums, and waterfalls. Click here for a continually updated live view of where bikes are available right now.

Pro tip: Download the Nice Ride Bike Share app before your trip. The app allows you to locate available bikes and scooters, unlock and pay directly.

Let’s Drink!

Let’s get to the good part, the breweries! This path takes you to eight breweries and is about 8.7 miles in distance. Feel free to mix it up, or only visit a few. There are so many to chose from, you can really personalize the route however you want.

  1. LynLake Brewery, 2934 Lydale Ave S, Minneapolis
  2. Lakes and Legends Brewing, 1368 La Salle Ave, Minneapolis
  3. Fulton Taproom, 414 6th Ave N, Minneapolis
  4. Dangerous Man, 1300 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis
  5. Indeed Brewing, 711 Northeast 15th Ave, Minneapolis
  6. Social Cider Werks, 1500 Fillmore Street NE, Minneapolis
  7. 612 Brew, 945 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis
  8. Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 Tyler Street NE, Minneapolis
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Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

For more information on Minnesota craft breweries and brewpubs, visit the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. Their website says they exist “to promote, protect and grow a robust Minnesota craft brewing industry by building a healthy beer culture and community that allows for independent brewers, industry stakeholders and craft beer fans to thrive.” Their website has tons of information on finding Minnesota breweries, events, and more.

Minnesota Has a Great Craft Beer Scene

I think experiencing the Twin Cities through a brewery bike tour is a really fun and unique way to see new neighborhoods. With so many breweries in Minnesota, it’s hard to know where to begin. Start with my suggested route, or build your own! Cheers! Looking for more unique ways to explore Minneapolis neighborhoods? Check out my post on the 18 most Instagrammable murals in Minneapolis.


  • Josy A

    My husband would loooove this! I am not a big beer drinker though – do they have anything else like cider…so I can go along with him?

    Your cycle route looks really fun…as long as a lightweight like me eats enough not to be too wobbly by the end of the ride!

  • Farrah

    I’ve been wanting to do more biking! It’d be awesome to get to explore Minneapolis sometime–my cousins live there and it’s unfortunately been a while since I’ve seen them. :[

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