Self-Guided Brooklyn Bike Tour

things to do in NYC

Rent Bikes and Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the coolest things I’ve done in NYC was rent bikes and ride around Red Hook and past the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a really unique way to see the City from a new perspective. I was born and raised in New York, and most of my family and many of my friends live in New York and New Jersey. While visiting family in New York, my family went on a self-guided bike tour of Brooklyn and it was such a great time!

Things to do in Brooklyn

1. Give Experiences Over Things

My family is big on giving experiences instead of things. This past Christmas, my sister, and brother-in-law gifted us a fun day exploring Brooklyn on a bicycle. We started in Cobble Hill, went up to the Brooklyn Bridge, and then down to Red Hook. We were able to get amazing views of lower Manhattan, Governors Island, and the East River.

2. Power Up with Brooklyn Pizza

My family spends a lot of time thinking and talking about food. So before starting, we needed to fuel up. We ordered several pizza pies from Sal’s Pizza Store in Cobble Hill. They were delicious.

3. Rent with CitiBike

We rented our bicycles through CitiBike. You can grab a bike at any of their locations around NYC, there are literally hundreds. You don’t need to reserve anything in advance, and you pay at the kiosk when you get your bike. There is an app, however, if you want to see how many bikes are available at one station. It costs $3 for a 30 minute rental, or $12 for 24 hours. Electronic bikes are also available, which my parents rented. Ebikes have a little extra cost. I was able to try one and it was really nice, especially when going up hill! Note, we did bring our own helmets since you cannot rent them from CitiBike.

things to do in NYC
things to do in NYC

4. Up to the Brooklyn Bridge, Down to Red Hook

Once we all had our bikes checked out and ready to go, we left Cobble Hill and headed north towards Brooklyn Bridge Park. We rode along the East River and stopped when we came to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. We spent some time there taking in the sights and getting pictures. The views of the Lower Manhattan skyline and Governors Island were awesome! From there, we headed down to Red Hook.

5. Stop for a Sweet Treat

Once we got to Red Hook, we took a break at a cute spot called Baked. We grabbed cappuccinos and and an assortment of cookies. It was a really incredible day.

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