Downtown Minneapolis Street Art Festival

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Art Festival in Downtown Minneapolis is Vibrant, but it Won’t Last Long

If you’re looking for a unique way to see downtown Minneapolis, check out the Downtown Minneapolis Street Art Festival. It began on August 16 and while there doesn’t seem to be an end date listed anywhere that I can find, the art is mostly made from chalk so it won’t last long.

I read one piece was damaged by storms a few days ago, but the artist was largely able to restore the piece. And I saw one drawing today that was damaged from water, so don’t wait too long!

A Free Experience for Anyone

The experience is entirely free and consists of art installations by 16 artists along Nicollet and Hennepin. This year, the festival has adjusted to provide social distancing and invites visitors to come look at the scattered artwork “at your own pace – whenever you are able – to provide ample social distancing.”




Check Out the Virtual Experience

For more information on the art festival in downtown Minneapolis click here. For a virtual experience and map showing the location of each piece, click here or check out the photo below. If you do go, tag me on Instagram so I can see your photos!

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