Honest Review of ISLE’s Stand Up Paddle Board


ISLE’s Stand Up Paddle Board’s Origination

ISLE was founded in 2004 by two college buddies in California. They’ve been around for a long time and understand what the consumer wants. ISLE offers inflatable and hard paddle boards and even stand up paddle boards with detachable chairs for those who prefer to sit. The board, pump, fin, and all other accessories are neatly packed into a backpack, making it super easy to transport, throw in the back of your car, or bring on a plane. Learn how to assemble your standup paddle board in the below video, or shop the different types of stand up paddle boards on ISLE’s website here.

1. Versatile

ISLE offers a wide variety of stand up paddle boards, from both hard and inflatable stand up paddle boards, to inflatable kayaks with detachable chairs and hard surfboards, as well as a wide range in width, length and weight capacity. So whether you want to go fishing, surfing or practice yoga in the middle of the lake, you’ll find what you need.


2. Easy to Transport

The stand up paddle board, and all of its accessories like the fin, pump, and paddle, fold down and fit neatly in the ISLE backpack. This makes it extremely easy to pack, store, throw in the back of your car or bring on a plane.

3. Built-in Paddle Holder

You’ll find two velcro loops on the side of your ISLE stand up paddle board. This is a great place to secure your paddle when you want to jump in for a swim, lay down and close your eyes as you float around, or you’re hauling it across the beach and need a free hand. This seemly minor detail is a really thoughtful touch.


4. Inflates Quickly

If you choose to pump your board up manually, it’ll likely take you five minutes. It’s quick and easy to do. If you prefer to go electric, ISLE offers an electric pump that can inflate your board in what seems like the blink of an eye. Just plug it into your car and watch the magic happen.

5. Great Accessories

Many of the boards include accessories, and a few can be purchased for an additional fee. Some of the best accessories ISLE offers are dry bags, paddles, manual and electric pumps, and even fins, which aren’t usually part of an inflatable board.

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6. Durable

The exterior of ISLE’s inflatabe stand up paddle boards are constructed with military grade, high-density PVC layers. The inside is constructed with drop-stitch technology allowing the board to become super rigid when it’s inflated. When inflated to it’s recommended PSI level, it’s nearly as firm as a hard, or epoxy, stand up paddle board.


7. Excellent Stability

Some ISLE boards support up to 3oo lbs which is not typically found. This is great for a heavier person, two people, or you and your dog. Some ISLE stand up paddle boards are six inches thick, which adds to their stability.

8. A Long History

ISLE is one of the original inflatable stand up paddle board companies. They were founded in 2004 by two college students in California,  and they know what consumers want. In addition to a great history, they have a strong reputation for having great customer service, and they even offer a 60-day return policy.

ISLE Has Earned its Great Reputation

The ISLE stand up paddle boards are fantastic. They’re made from quality materials and are very durable. I love the thoughtful details, like the extra layer of padding for your knees and the velcro loops to hold your paddle. They often run great sales, so if you’re looking for a new board, ISLE is a great place to shop.

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