18 of the Best Instagrammable Minneapolis Murals

Find the Best Murals in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities have a lively art and music scene, and the painted murals scattered around the Cities are no exception. When I was searching for these murals, I was able to explore new neighborhoods and pockets of Minneapolis I hadn’t seen before.Β Here is a roundup of the 18 most Instagrammable murals in Minneapolis. Have fun exploring a different side of the Cities!

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

1. Minnesota Varnishes Color Wall

1101 S 3rd Minneapolis

This super vibrant mural is across the street from US Bank Stadium, where the Vikings play. The mural is surrounded by a locked gate, but you can still get pretty close. I love the huge, bright color squares!

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

2. Sign Language Mural: I Really Love You

921 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis

This mural is on the back of the Periscope Creative Agency building. As you can see in the picture, it’s elevated and faces a parking lot, so if the lot is full it may be hard to pose by it. We went on a weekend when there were no cars so I could get close.

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3. Bob Dylan Mural

1 S 5th St., Minneapolis

This mural is massive! There is no way you can miss it. It’s in a parking lot, so be aware that cars may be in your way for a picture depending on when you go. Bob Dylan is a Minnesota singer-songwriter, and this mural honors him and one of his most famous lyrics.

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

4. First Ave Stars

701 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis

This wall is iconic and wraps around two sides of the concert venue. The walls pay homage to many great artists. Be sure to find Prince’s star, which is painted gold. Also, the Seattle-based rapper, Macklemore, sings about this wall in his song “Good Old Days” where he says:

“In a small club in Minnesota,

And the snow outside of 1st Ave,

I just wanted my name in a star,

Now look at where we at.”

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

5. River Scene Mural

515 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

This water scene is painted on the side of a huge building on the outside of Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar. The boats and lamppost remind me of Venice, but I’m not certain that is what the artist was intending.

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

6. Take a Picture Sweetie

930 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis

I almost didn’t find this one because it’s tucked around the side of a building facing a small parking lot. These lyrics come from Prince’s song, “Baby, I’m a Star.”

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

7. Music Notes

94 S 10th St., Minneapolis

This wall was first painted in 1972 when Schmitt Music store, which was inside the building, wanted something more interesting than a brown brick wall. When we walked by, a woman was outside painting and touching up the notes. I played the violin for many years and this piece looks too complex for me!

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

8. and 9. The Bulldogs

1111 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis

These Minneapolis murals have an insane amount of detail! I can’t imagine how long these pieces took. On the other side of the building is the old Butcher and the Boar restaurant location. I’ve passed by this mural plenty of times, but never really stopped to appreciate it until now!

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

10. and 11. Uptown and Downtown Murals

2913 Harriet Ave, Minneapolis

These two vibrant murals sit side-by-side along one long wall. The top piece has notable uptown scenes, like the lakes, Bandshell and bike paths. And the second piece shows the downtown skyline with the Stone Arch Bridge on the bottom left.

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

12. and 13. Shine and Rise

4325 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

There are two murals side by side, Shine and Rise, or is it Rise and Shine? Shine is on the left and Rise is on the right. Either way, this typographic mural is on the outside of a yoga studio. I love the bold colors!

14. and 15. Minneapolis College of Art and Design Murals

146 E 26th Street, Minneapolis

This college is located behind the Minneapolis Institute of Art museum. You need a pass to get into the parking lot, but there is a lot of free parking across the street. So I parked there and walked on to campus. The series of murals cover multiple walls and is beautiful!

16. Various Murals on E 26th Street

Across the street from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, you will see another large mural that wraps across the entire side of one building. It’s right on E 26th Street, so you can’t miss it. Then, if you head West on E 26th Street you will encounter many more. I was so surprised with how many I passed in just a few short blocks!

Minneapolis Murals Instagram

17. Prince

1309 W 26th Street, Minneapolis

No mural tour is complete without a Prince mural! It’s in a tiny parking lot and cars were coming and going so I had to be quick. I think this is a beautiful tribute to Prince and a must-see mural.

18. Vibrant Colors and Flowers

1422 W Lake Street, Minneapolis

This mural is massive! One of the biggest I have seen on our tour. It’s absolutely beautiful so don’t skip it. It’s only a few blocks from Lake Bde Maka Ska, so after grabbing some pictures I went for a walk around the lake!

Have Fun Exploring

The murals in Minneapolis are unique and beautiful. Some locations have really easy parking and others can be tricky. If you’re able to explore with a friend, it would make things easier so one person can pop out of the car for a quick photo. If you do go alone, know that I was able to find parking at each spot, sometimes it just takes a few minutes! And if you do go solo as I did, don’t forget to bring a tripod and a camera with a timer. I hope you have fun on your mural tour. Tag me on Instagram at @expeditionkristen if you’re able to check any out!


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