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Hi! I’m Kristen – a Minneapolis-based travel writer. I’m originally from New York and was born and raised on Long Island. I studied Communications and Spanish at the University of Scranton and earned my Master of Science in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. After graduating with my undergrad, I moved to New York City for a communications role. And in 2011 I moved from Queens, New York to St. Cloud, Minnesota where my husband was in a graduate program. Now, we’ve settled into the Twin Cities along with our Newfoundland dog named Ole.

I’ve always loved traveling and am lucky that I’ve been able to see a lot of the United States, as well as Europe, China, Nicaragua, Canada, Alaska, and more. While in college I spent four months living in Seville, Spain, and three weeks living in Guadalajara, Mexico. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for nature and find that I’m the calmest and most present when I’m deep in the woods on a hike, or swimming and kayaking in a lake or the ocean.

I began Expedition Kristen as a way to share my passion for travel. I live an active lifestyle and enjoy exploring hotspots and hidden gems alike. My blog is mostly focused on Minnesota and Midwest travel, and I enjoy curating thoughtful and detailed travel itineraries on my blog and social media channels.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community. You’ll love it here if:

🥾You enjoy spending time outside and want tips and recommendations for great places to hike, ski, and kayak around the Midwest and beyond

🐾You’re looking for dog-friendly places to hang out, eat or stay

🏠You’re looking for reviews and recommendations on hotels, Airbnbs, and cabins

🍺You love checking out local breweries, restaurants, or coffee shops and are looking for recommendations on where to go

🍁You enjoy exploring the Midwest, whether it be the North Shore or hidden gems and small towns

📸You need honest advice on recommended travel gear and products

💰You travel on a budget and want information on travel hacking, product sales, discount codes, and using points and miles to travel for cheap or free

🎉You want to know about local events happening, big or small, across Minnesota

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