10 Awesome Things to Do in Richfield, Minnesota

Richfield is a Great Town

Richfield, Minnesota’s slogan is the “urban hometown,” and it’s a perfect way to describe it. Richfield is full of quaint residential neighborhoods, beautiful parks, upscale bakeries and ice cream shops, yet it’s just ten minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul making it an easy and relaxing place to escape the Twin Cities’ crowds. Read on for the best things to do in Richfield!

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

1. Grab Breakfast at Patrick’s

Patrick’s Bakery feels like you’re stepping into a Parisian bakery. The outdoor patio is large and decorated with brightly colored flowers and the typical woven plastic chairs that line the streets of Paris. Order your coffee, omelet, or croissant at the counter inside, then find a cozy spot to enjoy your treats. Patrick’s is also a great place to pick up a cake or cookie platter for a special occasion. You’ll find creme brûlée, chocolate, and raspberry cake, macarons and so much more.

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

2. Shop at the Farmers Market

During the spring and summer, Richfield hosts a farmers market in Veteran’s Memorial Park. You’ll find local farmers selling jars of honey and jam, tomato plants, donuts, fresh bread, and live music. The pavilion is partially covered, making it a fun place to visit rain or shine. 

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

3. Play Mini-Golf

A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon on a date or with the whole family is playing mini-golf. Wheel Fun Rentals, located in the same parking lot as Veteran’s Memorial Park, offers 18 holes and it’s just $9/adult. When my husband and I went, it wasn’t crowded and we had a lot of fun playing this challenging course. I started off strong but Nic quickly took the lead and won!

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

4. Visit Veteran’s Memorial Park

Veteran’s Memorial Park is a great place to pay respect to those who fought for our freedoms and also take a stroll along the paved paths through a beautiful park. Depending on the season, you may find pink and white cheery blossom trees, an ice arena, an outdoor swimming pool, and a beautiful lake.

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Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

5. Eat Burgers at Sandy’s

Sandy’s Tavern has been serving up delicious burgers since 1933! This is a spot the locals love. The burgers are delicious and juicy. Fries come on the side, so order a large to share, then wash it down with a local beer on tap, like the Lift Bridge Blonde. Pro tip: It seems the locals all know to walk in from the backdoor. We didn’t see anyone walk in through the front door as we did!

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

6. Enjoy Ice Cream at Cone Brothers

Cone Brothers is a tiny ice cream shop across the street from Sandy’s making it a great place to great your dessert. The parlor is decorated like it’s the 1960s with old-time trinkets and booths. They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors and I highly recommend the cappuccino with chocolate chips in a waffle cone.

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

7. Visit Wood Lake Nature Center

Wood Lake Nature Center is a beautiful and quiet place to take a stroll. You’ll hear and see many types of birds so bring the binoculars and keep your eyes pointed up. Dogs are not allowed, so we had to leave Ole home for this one.

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

8. Grab Take Out at Soul Bowl

Soul Bowl serves delicious soul food from fried chicken sandwiches to spicy chicken bowls with rice and plantains. They also have excellent cornbread that is a must-get! They don’t have any indoor seating, only a few small tables out front, so either grab a seat outside or call ahead, pick up your takeout and bring it home.

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota
Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

9. Sip Coffee

If you’re looking for an afternoon latte, Richfield has nearly ten Caribou and Starbucks coffee shops scattered around town. Head through the drive-through to continue on with your day, or go inside and relax by the fireplaces and couches. My favorite drinks are either a hot latte or iced coffee, depending on the season and weather.

Best things to do in Richfield, Minnesota

10. Close to Many Main Attractions

While there are so many great things to do right in Richfield, there are also a ton of great things to do in neighboring towns if you’d like to venture a little further. Just ten minutes away is the Twins stadium. Watching a ball game is a great summer evening activity! The Mall of America in Bloomington is also close if you’re looking for rollercoasters, shopping, and a ton of restaurants! Read my blog post about our recent visit to the Mall of America. 

Plan Your Trip to Richfield

Richfield is a great Twin Cities suburb. There are so many great and affordable things to do for a date or the whole family. Looking for more local inspiration? Check out my blog posts on Minneapolis, St. Paul, Victoria, Hastings, and the 12 best road trips to take from the Twin Cities.

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  • Greg

    Great list, Kristen! Bravo!

    I’ve lived in Richfield for the last 12 years and have truly loved it. You definitely hit upon a number of the highlights around town. If there was room for 2 more I would suggest the Richfield pool in the summer and Penn Fest in September! 🙂

    Thanks for putting this together and keep up the great work!


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